Pirates of the Caribbean Online brings boatloads of fun for Father's Day

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|05.29.08

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online brings boatloads of fun for Father's Day

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online has created a whole raft of new content for fans of high seas adventure, beginning with the addition of special Ghost Ships that haunt Isla Cangrejos and Cutthroat Island. These ships -- Shadow Crow, Cerberus, and Blood Scourge -- are crewed by the terrifying undead, and they're no easy pickings, but the rewards for taking them on will be well worth the risk.

Additionally, PotCO is bringing a Father's Day event to its players, asking you to find Captain Teague, reputedly Jack Sparrow's father. Under what circumstances could such a notorious pirate disappear? That's up to you to find out.

On top of all that, there's a new screenshot contest available. This time around, you can send in your best shots of ship-to-ship warfare for a chance to win an iPod Touch! The contest runs from June 2nd to the 17th, so set 'em up and knock 'em down -- just make sure you get it on film.

Finally, faction combat is soon to be yours in PotCO with Privateer Battles, in which you must choose a side: Garcia de Avaracia or Pierre le Porc. Shiver the timbers of your opposite numbers and win fame and glory! With this much going on, now would be a great time to jump in for new players. And if you've been away, it's a great time to return!

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