Seven days sans Neocron 2

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|05.30.08

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Seven days sans Neocron 2

Usually when a game's server goes down, it's the world shard server that everyone knows and thinks about. After a couple of minutes, the development team sends the server through a reboot and everything is back up without much fuss, except a few people who complain how they lost that ten whole minutes of farming.

But the Neocron 2 community got to find out what happens when the multiple hard drives of the login server simultaneously fail, sending the account data and character data into the land of infinity. The result was seven days without Neocron 2, forcing the community into the standard MMO withdrawal syndrome as their favorite game was unaccessible.

The servers were finally available again yesterday, and everyone once again piled into Neocron for their cyberpunk first-person shooter experience.

Reakktor Media, the operators of Neocron 2, will not be providing current subscribers with free game time for the server outage. Instead, they are preparing a special in-game present to everyone who had a trial account or full account during the outage.

When reached for further comment, Reakktor Media declined to provide further information, stating what was on the forums was all the information they were willing to release regarding this matter.

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