Another position artist emerges from woodwork, traces face via GPS

Get 'em in quick folks, your 15 minutes are almost up. As position art has skyrocketed in popularity over the past week or so (it seems, anyway), we've found yet another artist who has drawn his face via GPS. Best of all, this one actually looks the closet to legitimate, considering all the flaws and erratic lines that we'd truly expect to surface when traveling with a tracker. Essentially, Antti Laitinen drew an image of himself onto a map (numerous times in a variety of locales), and then proceeded to walk the lines that were drawn -- navigator in tow. The end result is what you see above, which is nothing nearly as elegant as prior "attempts" that we've seen, but likely a much better representation of how the process works. Masterful work, Mr. Laitinen.

[Via Wired]