Inside The Lab podcast on education

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|06.02.08

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Inside The Lab podcast on education

The latest Inside Linden Lab podcast is out from Linden Lab (although this one is called Inside The Lab instead of the usual name -- perhaps an oversight). Unfortunately, the audio quality of this podcast is quite poor and it is difficult to listen to, and some of the speech feels as if it might have been cut a bit tightly together.

This time around, the topic is education. If you're at all involved in education in Second Life there's not really anything that you won't have heard before, though there's some meat here if you're interested but haven't done your research. The participants this time around are Pathfinder Linden and Claudia Linden. Katt Linden sounds a little over-scripted, but this is her first time around - Catherine sounded a little awkward too on her first cast.

The MP3 is 17.43MB and is hosted on Amazon's S3 service. Get it here.

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