ModeLabs launches Bluetrek Metal: thinnest BT headset on Earth

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.03.08

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Every so often, we hear of yet another headset manufacturer claiming that their latest piece is in fact the smallest / lightest / most incredulous the world has ever seen. With the introduction of ModeLabs' Bluetrek Metal, you can rest assured that everything is still running par for the course. This Bluetooth headset checks in at just 4-millimeters thick and 5.5-grams, and we're told that the internal battery should last through 5-hours of yappin' or a week in sleep mode. Interestingly, we haven't a clue if this one's headed Stateside, but those in Europe can pop one in their ear canal soon for €39 ($61) / €49 ($76) depending on hue.

[Via MobileBurn]
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