Sony intros red PS2 and metallic blue PSP for Japan

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Proving once again that old gadgets die hard (some, at least) Sony Japan is introducing fancy new paint jobs for two of its oldest -- and most successful -- products. Come July 3rd, the venerable PS2 will be hitting shelves with a new job, a new outlook on life, and a "red cinnabar" paint job. The refreshed system will run you about ¥16,000 (or around $153). Meanwhile, that metallic blue PSP we've seen is making its way to Japanese gamers on July 17th, sans Madden '09, for ¥23,800 (or $227) for the Value Pack, or ¥29,800 (or $284) for the a decked out bundle including a 1seg tuner, 1GB Memory Stick, and handsome matching carrying case. Check out a closeup of the handheld after the break.

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