ASUS intros the Eee Monitor all-in-one PC, says more Eee models on the way

Clearly intent on dismembering and destroying competition in every facet of the personal computing world, ASUS has finally unveiled that all-in-one, iMac-esque addition to its Eee lineup we told you about in January. Dubbed the Eee Monitor, the device will range in the 19- to 21-inch size, sport a built-in TV tuner, and will be priced at around $500. The system is expected to ship sometime in September along with it's 42-inch big brother, the Eee TV, and two other mystery objects known as the Eee S1 and Eee K1. We can only hope that this news paves the way for the Eee Phone and Eee Pants.

[Thanks, Andrew]