Ben Heck and eDimensional's Access Controller for one-handed gamers

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Ben Heck and eDimensional's Access Controller for one-handed gamers
Ben Heck Access Controller
Leave it to Ben Heck to create something that's not only cool, but also good for humanity. We've had our eyes on the Access Controller, and now it has an actual retail channel and final design. The eDimensional Access Controller enables one-handed gaming in a completely modular design. Each control function module can be rearranged based on the gamer's needs -- even the act of rearranging of modules can be done with one hand. Ben, the nice guy that he is, also includes a custom module-creation guide if you're so inclined. The controller is also designed with a concave back to sit comfortably on either a table or leg and uses 2.4GHz wireless. eDimensional is taking preorders now, and the unit is compatible with PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PC. To top it all off, a portion of the $129.99 you spend will go to Children's Hospital and Veterans Medical centers. We feel all good inside.
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