Ferrari Challenge racing onto Wii this summer

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|06.06.08

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Ferrari Challenge racing onto Wii this summer

What do you think of, dear reader, when we say these words: Ferrari. Videogame? If you're anything like us, your mind will have just flashed back to either OutRun or the seminal Dreamcast port of Ferrari F355 Challenge, your pulse will have started quickening, and we can almost certainly meet up IRL.

Since Yu Suzuki's two awesome racers, little else has filled that Ferrari-shaped gap in our gaming hearts. So thank goodness for Activision and System 3, who are combining to bring us Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli this summer in North America. Described as "more sim than arcade," the title will let you cruise through 15 international racing circuits in your stallion of a car.

Considering this is also being released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, we're taking promises of downloadable content and online play for 16 players with a mountain of salt where the Wii version is concerned, but you never know, eh? Hit the break for some screens which are not from the Wii iteration.

[Via press release]
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