Walgreens to erect largest sign in Times Square, use just 12 million LEDs

You know that impossible-to-miss NASDAQ sign on Broadway at 43rd Street in New York City? Yeah, the one that's 11,000-square feet in size. The Walgreen Company has set out to make that look like child's play, as it aims to erect a 250,000-pound sign at a three-level emporium in Times Square. Said display will reportedly be used to "raise [the drugstore's] visibility in New York," while doubling as a "focal point for it nationally." This beast will be covered in 12 million LEDs -- 17,000 square feet of them, to be exact -- and you can only imagine the hardware that will be required behind the scenes to keep this thing up and running. If you just can't wait until next fall to peep this in person, head southward to the read link and dig in.

[Thanks, Brock]