Not-VC Friday: An unexpected Twist

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|06.06.08

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In the week that WiiWare launched in Japan, the Virtual Console received nothing. No problem, we thought. This was just a case of Nintendo not wanting to distract people from its shiny new download service with a shmup from the '80s or something. As long as this neglect of the Virtual Console wasn't a regular occurrence, we could cope without an update on this one-off occasion.

But now it's happened again. This week, Europe and Australia got absolutely zilch in the way of Virtual Console games, with only Actionloop Twist (Magnetica Twist in the states, or Minna de Puzzloop in Japan) on WiiWare. We're not suggesting that we dislike Actionloop Twist or anything -- our decision on that matter can wait for our review -- but this is a tad worrying. If Virtual Console updates are already being ignored just two weeks after WiiWare launched, this could easily happen again. And that kind of sucks, because we love our golden oldies.
  • Actionloop Twist -- WiiWare -- 1000 Wii Points
Make the jump for a Japanese trailer of Actionloop Twist, and keep an eye out for our review in the coming days.

Actionloop Twist (WiiWare)
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