Wingnuts Moto Racer for the iPhone

Our friends over at Freeverse have been working on a racing game (undoubtedly going to be one of a few released by different companies) for the iPhone called Wingnuts Moto Racer, but various NDAs, game mechanics secrets, and developer confidentialities have kept them from being able to talk about it too much, with us or anyone else. Still, demand has apparently pushed them to release something, and so they have posted this heavily-edited- with-red ink "review" of how the game plays.

It sure sounds like, as expected, you use the accelerometer to drive, and while their intern says that it controls beautifully, of course he'd say that -- he's their intern. The art looks good, though -- there's a highway at sunset, some Oriental and Forest style racing, and even a Miami-style tropical cityscape. Unfortunately, that's the extent of news here -- no idea how many tracks or vehicles there are, or if there are any other iPhone-specific innovations.

Not that the game still doesn't look like fun -- it does, and if you're a racing game fan, you'll definitely have plenty of games to choose from in the early days of the App Store. But NDAs aside, we'd sure like to hear something new about Freeverse's iPhone games.