Engadget's WWDC 2008 predictions

Yes, it's almost that time -- WWDC 2008. By now you're well acquainted with the rumors circling Apple's next big event. Will the 3G iPhone make an appearance? Will Jobsy bust out a multitouch Newton tablet? Will Snow Leopard come in from the cold? It's anyone's guess, but the editors here at Engadget have a few hunches that you can pretty much bank on. Of course, you can see the real thing happen during our live coverage of the keynote set to start at 10:00AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

Josh T: "Hillary Clinton named president... of AppleCare division. Finally, Universal AppleCare."
Ryan: "Apple announces acquisition of Sharper Image's remaining assets; rebadges flagship product line iOnic Breeze."
Thomas: "iPods, iMacs renamed EeePods and EeeMacs; iPhone launched which is somehow both bigger and smaller than the current model."
Chris: "iPhone Capsule is introduced to thunderous applause, allowing consumers to effortlessly go 'back in time' to retrieve their obsoleted iPhone models."
Josh F: "In a surprise move, Steve Jobs says 'But wait: There's more!' instead of his signature 'Just one more thing,' then proceeds to throw in a Shamwow and two Infinity Razors if you order in the next 30 minutes."
Paul: "Jobs in a white wife-beater tucked into Levi's 501 cutoffs."

[Okay, that last one is more a wish from Paul than a prediction.]