Nintendo and Burger King team up to promote Pokemon

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Nintendo and Burger King team up to promote Pokemon
We have to tell you, whenever we see that king of the burgers, we immediately think about training pocket monsters. Or greasy food. We can't really recall at the moment.

But, someone at Nintendo and Burger King think the two are a hot ticket, as it's revealed that Burger King will be offering Pokémon-based prizes in their kid's meals. We can't say we're surprised, given Nintendo's recent enthusiasm with fast food outlets. Included in each kid's meal will be a Pokémon Trading Card Game card and accessory. There will be 12 different Pokémon TCG cards and accessories available through this promotion.

The promotion will start on July 7th and runs until August 3rd domestically, and throughout the late summer and fall internationally. The press release also lists a site here, but it's currently down.
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