System 3 drops Ferrari Challenge deets, first screens

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|06.10.08

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System 3 drops Ferrari Challenge deets, first screens
Ferrari's rich historical connection with videogames alone is enough to make us curious about System 3's forthcoming Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, for which the first screenshots and further details appeared today.

Even though the online mode has been confirmed as a PS3-only feature, the shots we've seen so far show promise, at least as far as 3D racers on the DS go. According to today's press release, the DS version of Ferrari Challenge will contain fifteen real-life tracks (including Italy's Mugello circuit), eight cars per race, fifty types of Ferrari, and, if this screen suggests what we think it suggests, wireless play. Thankfully, it doesn't control via a steering wheel plastered across the touchscreen, a la the awful Ridge Racer DS; instead, the touchscreen features a swanky dashboard interface.

It's out soon, as well -- July in Europe; and during Q3 in North America. Rev into our gallery for your first look at the game!

[Via press release]
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