Samsung's SC-HMX20C 1080p camcorder hands-on

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.11.08

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Samsung's SC-HMX20C 1080p camcorder hands-on

We'll give you one guess based on that image (and headline) above what showed up on our doorstep today. Samsung's SC-HMX20C isn't your mother's camcorder -- this bad boy captures clips in stunning 1080p and fits within the palm of a smallish hand. It's been a long wait since CES to get a finalized unit here to toy with, but while we're testing this thing out, why not flip around in the gallery below to see what Sammy's latest flagship is made of?

Update: Yeah, we're testing it out and will have video and a review up shortly. For those wondering, it should be filtering out to stores now for around $850.

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