Wii Warm Up: A little Sadness

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|06.11.08

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Alisha Karabinus
June 11th, 2008
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Wii Warm Up: A little Sadness

Yes, it's back, in IGN-forum-rumor form: Sadness, the game that ain't, or may be eventually. Back in April, after an appearance by poster "nibris" in the IGN Wii Lobby when a screenshot surfaced, we were expecting more media and a trailer by the end of May. Well, Twiilight_Prince recently returned, with an all-new possible screenshot (seen above), and a statement that the website was supposed to go live by the end of May. A third of the way into June, it's nowhere to be seen ... but should we expect more from a company that apparently has some dude on the internet doing their PR?

Sadness makes us, well, sad. We're sad because it's such a great idea and because it seems to be going nowhere ... or, if it's going somewhere, it's really, incredibly slow about it. On the one hand, we would be almost tempted to cut a new dev a little slack. Making games is hard (notice we're not doing it), and making a game that sounds cool is even harder. But damn, y'all. Stop making promises already, since you've yet to keep a single one. If they'd just do that, we would probably be more inclined to believe it when something does surface. Because we want to believe. As it is, however ... we just don't.

But let's talk about this possible screenshot. Real? Fake? Awesome? Not? Tell us.

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[Update: Corrected the spelling of the poster's name.]
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