Adam Sessler on Xbox Live Bigots

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Adam Sessler on Xbox Live Bigots

In his regular video feature, Sessler's Soapbox, G4TV personality Adam Sessler tackles one of the fastest growing and despicable trends in Xbox Live history; bigotry. In short, Sessler challenges Xbox Live users who feel the need to spew racist and homophobic remarks in order to convey their emotions during gaming to actually think about what they're saying. We encountered a similar experience while playing Uno during our last X3F LIVE event, where a kid--who couldn't have been older than 10, thought it was important to express all of the new slurs he had learned (from the schoolyard and probably also from his Xbox Live sessions).

The issue is huge and disgusting. Sessler couldn't be more accurate when he says that we fight so hard to remove the negative stigma's attributed to gamers while ignoring the fact that we're becoming one of the biggest, and organized, bigotry groups in the world. Listen up because we're only saying this once. Yelling racial and homophobic remarks doesn't make you cool and it isn't funny to anyone else in the room, so ditch those comments and get more creative.

Quit being the reason why we hate the service we pay for, it only makes us all look bad and removes all arguments that gaming is the revolution in connected entertainment. As now former Microsoft marketing exec Jeff Bell once said, "Your contribution to society is ... what?"

The video can be found after the jump.

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