Apple Design Awards 2008

Cory Bohon
C. Bohon|06.12.08

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Cory Bohon
June 12th, 2008
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Apple Design Awards 2008
Apple held their 2008 Apple Design Awards at WWDC last night. We love developers. What makes the Mac platform so awesome is the cool applications that these creative developers make. It is with great pleasure that we tell you who won the Apple Design Awards for 2008.

Best Student Runner Up: Flow
Best Student Winner: Squirrel

Graphics and Media Runner Up: Fotomagico
Graphics and Media Winner: ScreenFlow

Leopard User Experience Runner Up: CheckOut
Leopard User Experience Winner: Macnification

Leopard Game Runner Up: Command and Conquer 3
Leopard Game Winner: Guitar Hero 3

Best Leopard Application Runner Up: TimeLine 3D
Best Leopard Application Winner: ScreenFlow

Best iPhone Web App Runner Up: Associated Press
Best iPhone Web App Winner: Remember the Milk

Best iPhone Game: Enigmo
Best iPhone Entertainment App: AOL Radio
Best iPhone Social Networking: Twitterrific
Best iPhone Productivity App: OmniFocus
Best iPhone Health App: MIM

[via wisequark on Twitter]

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