Canal bringing over 2500 movies through French VOD service

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The two million PSP users in France just got a lot to celebrate about. Canal plans on making 4,000 programs available to PSP owners, including 2,500 movies, using Sony's DRM system. With this new service, subscribers will be able to use their PCs and download videos directly to their PSP.

"It provides Sony with quite an appealing content proposition for their portable device, in addition to the games," said Dan Cryan of media analyst Screen Digest to Variety. "What's become clear for about every form of online content, with the exception of sport and adult, is that the PC is not a paying platform. "But if you move it onto a device, people become more interested in handing over money."

There are plans for other services to become available throughout Europe. However, no similar program has been announced for America.
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