Seven graphical WoW signature generators - and one for your car

Natalie Mootz
N. Mootz|06.12.08

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Seven graphical WoW signature generators - and one for your car

Want to have a picture of your WoW toon (or, in my case, toons) on your blog, forum posts, or emails? There are plenty of tools out there to help you. They all work by tapping the Armory to find information about your character -- some better than others. They can only update as often as the Armory does, but some of them take even longer. Most have customization options which allow you to choose the background, colors, and stats your sig displays. They also usually include code for your sig (if you want it dynamically updated) in HTML and BBCode format.

After the jump, nine different ways to sign your character's profile.

  • GuildLaunch: We covered their revamp recently. The image above comes from their site. Very clean look. Can upload your own avatar image. No registration required. Had my level and stats correct as of today.
  • DKPSigs: Can customize the color of everything. No registration required. Can customize your avatar image. Must wait for your sig to be "queued" before it's generated. I wasn't too pleased with the picture of the Tauren it showed. He looked pretty doofy.
  • CharacterPlanet: Requires registration. Custom avatars allowed. This one had a sharp looking border around the toon's picture.
  • MyWoWCard: Had a lot of different layouts but they all looked crowded to me. No registration required, but to put your stats on your card you do need to register.
  • Xchar: No registration reqiured. Couldn't find my toon! So disappointing because the designs look unique and cool.
  • Mini Flash Armory: Very nice Flash-based, interactive sigs. No customization allowed. No registration.
  • WarcraftRealms: Could choose your own fonts. By far the most customizable and unique looking sigs. No registration. No stats. Big drawback: my level 66 toon was shown as level 64 and belonging to an old guild.
And, of course, if branding your emails and forum posts is too virtual for you, get some vinyl stickers to announce your character to the real world. You can see what they look like on Temerity Jane's car.
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