iriver Lplayer hands-on and unboxing

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iriver Lplayer hands-on and unboxing
We unwrapped iriver's new US-bound Lplayer from its space age packaging and took it for a whirl. It must be said, iriver's design chops really shine when comes to these tiny little D-Click experiences -- perhaps the E100 is just too much canvas to work with. The 2-inch QVGA screen is plenty sharp, even if it could withstand a stronger backlight, and the interface is as intuitive as ever. Codec support is just dandy, with MP3, WMA, ASF, FLAC and OGG Q10 for audio, and MPGE, WMV9, XVID for video -- no AAC, though. Sound is decent enough with the included headphones, but plugged into our regular home stereo setup the player pushed out very little low end. FM worked fine, as did voice recording, but there aren't many other frills here. The 4GB version will go for $110, while the 8GB is slotted for $160 (the same prices its much larger E100 counterpart goes for), and both should be available in the States on June 24.

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