Nintendo sues Nyko over Kama Wireless Nunchuck

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Nintendo sues Nyko over Kama Wireless Nunchuck

That Kama Wireless Nunchuck we're giving away may become something of a collector's item in the near future. Nintendo has sued Nyko, manufacturer of the device, claiming that the Kama violates Nintendo's patents for the original Nunchuk, imitating the controller in "novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the color and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller."

Nyko spokesperson C.C. Swiney told Bloomberg that they do not believe that they have violated Nintendo's patents with the Kama, but that they are "still examining this." We've had a look at both controllers ourselves, and we think they're actually pretty different. If you look closely at the Nintendo Nunchuk, you can see that it has a cord coming out of it.

Could Nintendo have their own wireless Nunchuk on the way? Or have they decided to start cracking down on third-party controllers now after over 20 years for some other reason? Is the Kama really that similar to the Nunchuk?

[Via Kotaku]
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