Reading between the lines: are more PvE to PvP transfers possible?

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Reading between the lines: are more PvE to PvP transfers possible?
The announcement earlier in the week that Blizzard was allowing free transfers from a couple Oceanic PvE realms to the Oceanic PvP realm Thaurissan lead to a storm of speculation that Blizzard could be considering opening up PvE to PvP transfers on a wide scale.

Blizzard has recently said that they won't be allowing large scale transfers from PvE to PvP servers. This rule was supposedly in place for a number of reasons, the main one of which has always been the relative ease of leveling a character on a PvE server compared to that of a PvP server. Having done both, I can say that it wasn't too different – a few more tricks had to be used when leveling on the PvP server, but in no way was my leveling prolonged on the PvP server because of the PvP elements.

Drysc chimed in on this very topic yesterday.

He said that his recent leveling experience on a PvP server was the same as mine (well, actually, mine is the same as his, but that's just semantics). The original title of the thread was "Times are changing Blizzard." Drysc makes this interesting for us all in that he ends his post echoing the title of the thread: "Times have changed."

While Drysc and his ilk are notorious for playing word games with the community (and I hope that they're getting a chuckle out of this as they read it), you do have to take pause for a moment with his overall statement. If one of the main barriers for PvE to PvP transfers doesn't exist anymore, one has to wonder if soon they'll allow the transfers on a massive scale.

One can only hope, and it does look like that hope just got a bit brighter.
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