Even more on Dell's Studio 1535 / 1536 and the Studio brand

While Dell is still readying their new Inspiron Studio line of laptops, we've gotten a little more on what they're up to. Although we caught a glimpse before in the roadmap, we now know that personalization is a big push for them; the first line will feature options for permanent "Pictaflex" prints of art by Mike Ming (shown after the break), as well as multiple colors (orange, red, green, purple, pink, blue, etc.) We also know they'll have higher end features like HDMI, and eSATA in the 1536, as well as WWAN options for Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, hybrid and dual drive options (in the 1735), ATI 3450 and 3650, and NVIDIA 8600M GT graphics (depending on the model).

As for the Studio line itself, it sounds like what we heard before was about right: Dell's fast-tracking it to be their new higher-end consumer brand (more here and here). Check out their internal description:

"The Studio line is a more feature rich version of the existing Inspiron line. This series of computers features more multimedia functionality, better processor offerings, and more personalization options than the Inspiron series. Dell continues to sell Inspiron systems, but these are now considered our value series computers for customers who prioritize cost above features. ... Being able to choose from a series of color options and a wide range of hardware offerings helps personalize each system to the buyer. The Studio series is expected to be the best selling line of notebooks for the Consumer segment."

Pictaflex prints for the first round.