Dash Express now officially $300

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.20.08

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Looks like that sale at Amazon's turned into a full blown price cut -- Dash has officially lowered the price on the Dash Express from $400 to $300 (not including service, of course). Of course, this can be interpreted one of two ways: they're selling so well that economies of scale have kicked in, and everyone saves money buying the GPS -- or, the fresh-faced company's sole product isn't doing very well in the marketplace, leading to this second price drop so far. We're hope it's not the latter though, we're definitely stoked to see where else Dash can take us.

Update: Dash let us know that sales are meeting expectations, and they're capitalizing on the big uptick in new buyers during the last $300 price promotion. Good to know!

Update 2: Bonus! People who bought on or before May 31st are getting three free months of service. Thanks, Justin.
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