Listen to exclusive Stargate Worlds audio content

William Dobson
W. Dobson|06.21.08

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Listen to exclusive Stargate Worlds audio content
Music can be a really important part of MMOs, if the developer decides that they want it to be. In some games you'll almost immediately turn the audio down to zero and resume listening to your own stuff, but other games like Age of Conan have a musical score that demands to be heard. It is clear that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is aiming for the latter with Stargate Worlds, and they have offered followers of the game a chance to listen to some short clips at their community forums.

You'll need to be a registered forum user to be able to listen, but if you take the plunge you can download two short clips, composed by SGW sound designer Nick LaMartina. They are both fairly epic and atmospheric, and leave you wanting to hear more. If you do check them out, you can use the links in the article to leave feedback for each piece in the forums.
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