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Panasonic manages to move 3,000 103-inch plasmas

We're thinking a round or two of golf claps are in order here, no? Since going on sale (in Japan) in July of 2006, Panasonic's gigantic 103-inch plasma has been purchased 3,000 times. If our math is even close to correct, that means that Panny has managed to move around 130 of these bad boys each month, which isn't too shabby given the original $70,000 sticker. If you're curious as to where these things actually go, you'll probably be disappointed to hear some rather expected answers: nightclubs, sports arena, resorts, universities, casinos and high-brow offices in big name cities. Looking for the most in one place? Head on down to Las Vegas' own Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, where 15 of these beasts were placed in its newly remodeled $20-million Race and Sports Book room.