Mio Moov 380 SIM card-equipped GPS unit clears the FCC

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Mio Moov 380 SIM card-equipped GPS unit clears the FCC

It may not speak with the voice of KITT, but Mio's new Moov 380 GPS unit looks like it'll pack some pretty desirable features nonetheless, not the least of which is a built-in SIM card for some Dash-like two-way communication. That'll of course also let you make and receive calls and text messages straight from the device without having to jump through the usual Bluetooth hoops, although there's no word as to what carrier Mio might be teaming up with or what the rates will be. Otherwise, it seems you can expect the usual array of GPS and non-GPS-related functions, along with the requisite microSD card slot and Mio's trademark MioMore Desktop software for some PC connectivity. No word on a price or release date just yet, but its recent trip through the FCC would seem to indicate that those details should be cropping up sooner rather than later.
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