Hurry, snag a 360 Pro for $190

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Hurry, snag a 360 Pro for $190
The folks at have been known to offer some pretty good deals in the past but, frankly, this one takes the taco. What's the big deal? Today, Stootsi is offering 360 Pro consoles (you know, the one with a 20GB hard drive) for a mere $189.99. Throw in $6 for shipping and you've got a helluva deal. Now, before everyone runs off at once, you should know that the consoles being sold are refurbished, so buy at your own risk. They do come with a 60 day warranty, for what it's worth. We invite anyone that has bought from Stootsi before to share their experience in the comments.

Still ... 190 smackers? That's even cheaper than the rumored price cut.
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