Amazon casts a Magical Starsale

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|06.28.08

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Amazon casts a Magical Starsale
By now, you've likely forgotten all about Brownie Brown's Magical Starsign, one of the first Nintendo DS RPGs to make it stateside. Its rudimentary plot -- rescue your classmates after your magic school's fleet of space ships crash on a group of planets -- won't set anyone's heart on fire, but, from what we've heard, it's still an enjoyable game.

Amazon has Magical Starsign on sale for $8.99, the lowest we've ever seen for the game! If you're looking for a decent (and cheap) RPG to pass the summer with, or if you're just looking to fill out your DS library, pick it up before the day and the sale ends.

[Via CAG]
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