Feedback Friday highlights beefier shotguns, other changes

Chris Chester
C. Chester|06.28.08

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Feedback Friday highlights beefier shotguns, other changes
For all the complaints one could levy against Tabula Rasa, the one you almost never heard was that the game was lacking in varieties of awesome firepower. Even if you counted yourself as a heavier Logos ability user (as this blogger did with his lightning-happy Demolitionist), you could still bust some skulls with good old-fashioned lead to the head. This week's Feedback Friday revealed that they're looking to expand on this awesome firepower with the inclusion of new kinds of Incendiary shotguns, adding double and even triple barrel version for maximum Bane-blasting goodness. And that's just the first stop in a whole new line of weapon upgrades.

They're also looking to expand expand character customization to address player concerns that avatars aren't unique enough. They plan to do this by making character profiles distinct from NPCs, and adding the ability to dye armor multiple colors, to give them a more snazzy look. Good to see the team under Tom Potter finally getting around to some long-time player complaints.
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