Activision producer: Gearbox making 'a crappy war game' [update: Treyarch responds]

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|06.30.08

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Activision producer: Gearbox making 'a crappy war game' [update: Treyarch responds]

Update: We've clarified that, while Treyarch is owned by Activision, Heller is in fact an Activision – and not a Treyarch – employee. To that end, Treyarch's Community Manager posted a classy message on the forums distancing their team from the Activision rep's comment and stating, "We have nothing but respect for the guys and gals at Gearbox." Nicely handled, Treyarch!

Original: We normally don't like it when developers start taking potshots at each other, it's really not the sort of -- oh, who are we kidding? We love it when developers take potshots, it's one of our absolute favorite things, and this video interview from Eurogamer has a doozy courtesy of Treyarch Activision senior producer Noah Heller.

When asked about Gearbox's forthcoming Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Heller said they didn't consider it during development of Call of Duty: World at War, dismissing Hell as "a crappy war game." Continuing the burnination, Heller added that Gearbox "isn't even the same league" as Treyarch's effort. You might think we're misrepresenting the quote by taking it out of context, but it's somehow even more MEGAowch when watched in context (at about 1:00 in).

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