Watch as all your PS3 dreams come true in this 2.40 video

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|06.30.08

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Jem Alexander
June 30th, 2008
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See the guy in the video above? That's Eric Lempel and he's about to show off the number one requested feature for the PlayStation 3; in-game XMB. This feature is only half of what we can expect in firmware 2.40, which is due out "soon." Watch as Eric effortlessly receives and responds to messages whilst playing a game, swaps immediately from GT5:P to PixelJunk Monsters, switches in some background music from the PS3's HDD and ... searches on google.

There's more to come in another video later today, which will show off the trophy system. Not only that, but keep your eyes peeled right here for more detailed, exclusive info on what's to come.
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