New closed beta for Pi Story

Brenda Holloway
B. Holloway|07.01.08

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New closed beta for Pi Story

Pi Story, a 2D side scrolling MMO in the style of Maple Story, has announced a new round of their closed beta test. The beta is currently limited to previous beta testers for Aeria Games' lineup of import MMOs, or those quick enough to snag one of the closed beta keys they are giving away. If you'd like to get in on the casual MMO goodness that flows from Aeria Games, why not head over and sign up? From Pi Story to the incredibly popular Dream of Mirror Online to the pet collecting and raising game Stone Age 2 to the massively kung-fu game Twelve Sky (and many others), you'll find a game there you'll enjoy. And they are all free to play.

Pi Story tells the tale of a perfect world -- Pi -- that was torn apart by this very desire for perfection. Now the world is broken into shards, and your job is to bring these shards back together by finding all the pieces of Pi. Mmm. Pi. Pi Story features casual play, a very easy grouping system, instanced adventure areas, a strategy-based guild activity system and housing, an apartment of your own you can decorate as you wish, a built in web diary and browser, and built-in message boards.

Want to see more? Check out the gameplay video after the break.

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