Runescape's runaway success and brand new HD graphics

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|07.01.08

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Runescape's runaway success and brand new HD graphics
Today's the day for Runescape fans across the globe: the high details version of the game is now officially in Beta testing. Subscribers can jump into the full-screen, widescreen supporting, actually-pretty-darn-good-looking version of Runescape at will. Free players will be able to get the pretty after the Beta test is over. Full details on the new version are available in the official FAQ. If you're looking to get subscriber benefits, now's the time to do it. Folks signing up for the pay-version of the game will be paying about a buck more every month for the priveleage after the 4th of the August. All of these details are on the game's shiny new website, which they've rolled out for this special occassion.

If it seems like Jagex and Runescape have been in the news lately, you'd be right. The runaway success of this game is amazing to see, and the folks at Next Generation have a several-page exploration of the web-based game's history. The site talks with Paul and Andrew Gower, founders of the company, about their ambitions to take the accessibility and fun of a MUD and bring it to the web.

Make sure to click through below the cut for a full video presentation on the brand new HD experience.

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