Guildwatch: The Robin Hood of Gurubashi

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.02.08

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Guildwatch: The Robin Hood of Gurubashi

Now that's a good looking website. There aren't many around, and while, sure, you don't really need a great looking website as a guild (it's probably better to actually be downing bosses ingame than building resources outside of it), a good-looking website doesn't hurt when getting your guildies excited about being a part of the group.

Lots more guilds and websites (including the drama, downing and recruiting news you're here for) in this week's GW, which starts right after the jump. Don't forget to send us your tips at -- whether it's your guild or someone else's, we want to hear about it here!

  • Catastrophe Curve on Arathor officially called it quits after "losing too many people to the frustration of being stuck in T4 content on a low-population, low-progression server." Some of the newer members, we hear, formed Regalia on Arathor, which is currently running Karazhan. A handful server-transferred to another guild, Deevewalkers on Dragonblight, also founded by ex-Curvies. The majority of the core raiders, however, transferred to Shadowsong.
  • The Night Council on EU Sporeggar had some good old guild bank drama -- a guildie named Levsando stole everything he could hold from the bank and /gquit. He didn't turn out as well as the folks from the column last week, though -- his guild spread the word, even when he changed his name to Ferocityclaw, and we hear he couldn't join a guild on the server if he tried. Our tipster points out that no, stealing from the guild bank isn't strictly against the game's rules, but it is wrong, as breaking trust always is. The good news, they were able to refill the bank within less than a day. There's one solution -- don't put anything too valuable in your guild bank in the first place.
  • I believe we've posted about both Natural Order and Pantheon from Steamwheedle Cartel here before, but this week a tipster provided us with background on the whole thing, and it's almost too epic to fit in this space. Apparently Pantheon was started last year -- the GM of the guild had a forum thread that got locked due to the flames, and that's where the bad blood started. There have been a few skirmishes on the forums in between, and a few fights in game -- we're told that Akraen of Natural Order has tried to attack Nerf, GM of Pantheon, a few times by stealing account info and doing other not-so-cool things. And it's all come to a head lately, as both sides are scheming and trying to get each other in trouble, while guildies in the middle of it are fed up and/or kicked out. Anyone ever heard of actually playing the game instead of causing all the drama? We also hear from another tipster that NO is bragging about the fact that they achieved "notoriety" from being seen in our Drama section -- not exactly something you brag about, guys. As our tipster said, we're kind of laughing at you, not with you.
  • Twilight Empire on Ravenholdt-A is apparently getting a little RP freaky around the server, and they're distraught that No Quarter (a Horde guild) keeps harassing them about it, and asking for GM help. Apparently the GMs aren't helping, though -- a Blue poster appears in the thread and says that PvP on a PvP server is no problem at all. We've got no problem against erotic roleplaying -- you can get as freaky as you want, as long as it's not destructive and nobody's getting hurt. But especially on a PvP server, do it someplace private or get killed by the Horde.
  • Drama between all of those comic guilds on Dark Iron (the Penny Arcade and PvP webcomics both have guilds there, and I guess Ctrl-Alt-Del also has a guild there now). Well, not really, but the thread is a fun read.
  • A few folks from Exanimus apparently decided to ditch Gurubashi to visit the greener grasses of Dragonmaw's Vulgar -- except that they forgot to actually tell their guildies they were leaving, and left behind a lot of unhappy folks. One of those unhappy folks, Jimo, apparently grabbed the Sunmotes out of the bank, and is now selling them for himself. Theft? Nope, he prefers to call it "redistribution of wealth," and says that he's the Robin Hood of the server -- take from the rich guildies, and give money back to the people who really deserve it. It's noble, in a warped little way.
  • Brutepickle got caught transferring after a ninja of Last Stand on Elune's bank to Secretfist of Zul'jin. But on page 2, Phantomgreen, GM of Secretfist, shows up and basically says he doesn't care (though in his defense, it sounds like Brutepickle, new name unknown, is just applying to the guild, not actually in it yet). There is one big problem with welcoming a ninja into your guild -- sure, they help the guild bank right away, but how do you know they won't do it again?
  • Natural Order on Farstriders raised some hell recently -- they rolled into Exodar and downed Velen for a guild first, and then continued a rampage around the country to take out the other Alliance flames. They faced serious opposition in Ironforge, though, after Allies finally decided to grab their swords. Was a lot of fun, we hear.
  • Dead Poets Society on Durotan-H did Loot Reaver in the other day. They did lose the guildleader to an orb, but they survived and downed him at exactly 10:01 -- 1 second into his rage. Hydross and Solarian also fell later in the week. They're still recruiting -- Shaman and Druids, Rogues, and a Pally and Priest.
  • Novus Victus on Sen'jin-H had guild first kills of Nightbane, Netherspite, Akil'zon, and High King Maulgar this week. Kara is officially cleared and Gruul went to 20%, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Mattari on Norgannon-A has now cleared Kara for the first time and are looking forward to putting it on farm. They're also still looking for new members for a second team, so if you want to help bring the rest of the guild up, look them up.
  • Eternal Legacy of the Blackwater Raiders server has downed Lady Vashj. Between drinking beer from their newly gained vials and farming Shadow resist gear, they have begun work on the Kael'thas fight, and are continuing to push forward into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple as well.
  • Elder Brethren on Aszune EU have cleared Karazhan, including Nightbane, and have showed up in Zul'Aman yelling for blood. Nalorakk has fallen, and Akil'zon is on notice.
  • Mutiny on Khadgar-A has cleared ZA and downed Karathress, because "he couldn't fathom it out." (Ha, get it? That's their joke, not mine, thank goodness). They're also recruiting if you're in the market for a funny guild.
  • Athanatoi on EU The Sha'tar-A downed Gurtogg Bloodboil for a server first. Grats!
  • Vanguard of Justice on EU Defias Brotherhood dropped Illidan, and one Rogue is very happy -- the mainhand Glaive dropped first kill last week, and the offhand dropped this week. Congrats, you lucky, enviable bastard.
  • Progression on Shadowsong is a new guild formed from a few refugees from other realms. In the first three weeks of raiding there, they've dropped The Lurker Below, Morogrim Tidewalker, and Void Reaver. Al'ar has been put on notice.
  • Requiem on Korialstrasz-A recently merged from Aces Wild and Devil May Cry, and are rolling through the endgame. They've dropped Loot Reaver so far, and Gruul and Kara are on farm, while Mag is getting "regularly beaten up." Does that mean he's downed or on notice?
  • Revelation of Ravencrest downed Kaz'rogal. Way to go.
  • Pillage of Garona downed Illidan for a Hordeside server first. Very nice job.
  • Darksun Angels on EU Darkspear (they're the ones who coined the "worth every wipe" motto that we posted a while back) have rolled on up to Maggy and taken him out. They're headed to SSC next, and still recruiting, if you're mature, motivated, and interested.
  • The guildmaster of Sanctification on Mok'nathal wrote in to give a shout-out to how amazing his guild has been -- he cites a Nightbane kill for the first Kara clear and the first takedown of Void Reaver as guild highlights, and says he's been very impressed with the way the guild has stuck together since they formed in February. Here's to more good times!
  • ORDO DOMUS on Exodar-A has downed Illidan. Video or it didn't happen.
  • Bovine Fury of Dalaran (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award), after suffering from about 2 months of stagnation and lack of progression, has found two valuable raiding allies in Black Death and Bitter Ashes. Mag is down, as is Lurker, Hydross, Tidewalker, and Fathom Lord. Leo is next, and Lady V and Al'ar are soon to follow. Good luck!
  • Midnight Coven has downed Leotheras the Blind very shortly after their first foray into SSC. They'll be heading over to TK next to give Kael something to worry about.
  • Hive of Duskwood went and stung Solarian and Al'ar in one night to push up to 3/4 TK. Grats!
  • Knights of the Shadows of Kalecgos took their first trip into the Black Temple the other night, and High Warlord Naj'entus went down for a one-shot, Supremus took a few tries but he also fell, and the Shade of Akama didn't survive either. Teron Gorefiend got dropped the next time in -- not bad for a first week in BT indeed.
  • Dance Commanders of Eredar took out the Loot Below, and they send thanks to the Flipside Kings for the help. They're also recruiting -- hit up their website to join. Void Reaver also got sent back to the void.
  • Primal on Trollbane-A downed Prince in Kara for the first time tonight, only one week after a successful merge with the guild Haven. Both new hands and old hats were present for the take down. Grats!
  • Captain Sanders Shirt on Dath'Remar-A has been rocking Karazhan, and has moved on to ZA -- Loas got dropped, as did Akil'zon. Halazzi gave them some trouble, but they'll be back -- he's on notice.
  • Ashen Dawn on Ghostlands killed Kael last night after weeks of struggling. They're the third Horde guild to do that on the server, and now only Vashj stands between them and BT. She's on notice.
  • Devotion of Bronzebeard-A downed Magtheridon for the first time last weekend. Grats!
  • Silenced is an Alliance guild on EU Kul Tiras server who defines themselves as casual raiders. They've had a few folks duck out, and they'd like to continue progression through ZA and 25 mans after Maggy. Apply on their website if you want to help them rebuild a 25 man team.
  • Order of Sterling on Moon Guard-A is a heavy RP guild, looking for mature, fun people to role-play with. They accept all levels and classes, as long as you Warlocks can explain why you're not evil demon-mongers (or at least lie believably about it).
  • Descendants of Azeroth from Nazthrezim is recruiting all classes but Rogues, and have a big need of Holy Priests and Shamans. They want you to be 60+, at least 17, mature and not vulgar. They're working on Kara and ZA now, and planning to build up a team and head to 25mans in the future.
  • EliminatioN says they have a great-looking website, and I have to agree. They're also recruiting on Dunemaul.
  • Systematically Insane on Durotan-A is recruiting players geared or nearly geared for MH/BT level raiding. They specifically need healers, mages, and shadow priests but will consider any well geared class.
  • Relentless on Cenarion Circle-A is looking for various classes for their 25 man TK, Hyjal and beyond raids. They raid weekends, and are also farming Kara, ZA, and Gruul's for gear and fun. For more information or to apply check the website.
Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and even the random hilarious Vent recording. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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