iPhone 3G lines start at the Apple Cube... one week early

So we heard some really over-eager folks have decided to get a jump on the iPhone 3G line -- a really, really big jump. Obviously, we had to head down and see if it was true... and it is. Right now, about ten people have started a line outside of Apple's flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York. Word is that the family at the head of the queue are attempting to break some kind of record which involves their baby -- which kind of sounds a little intense if you ask us. On the other hand, you didn't hear Greg Packer complaining, right? We're going to wrangle some of these cats for an interview and video, so stay tuned! For right now, check some more pics after the break.

Update: We got a chance to speak with group leader Daniel on video, who let us in the gang's desire to break the world record for waiting in line, as well as some... er, broad political ideas. We also learned that the baby probably won't be forced to stay outside of the Apple Store all week. See it for yourself in the clip after the break!

Update 2:
According to a Fortune report on the group, five of the ten have already hit the road, and New York City cops sent the baby packing not long after we visited the scene. The remaining neo-hippies have also refined their confused political message as well, which manages to come off as somehow more inane than just wanting to break a world record.

[Via GearDiary]