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Things that annoy me

Allison Robert
Allison Robert|July 5, 2008 7:00 PM
Or, how to celebrate the birth of a nation via an ugly series of Horde losses in Arathi Basin:

1. Every single Alliance character in the game has a Black War Tiger.

2. Every single Horde character in the game has a Black War Raptor (yes, myself included).

3. I could be wrong, but I don't think "Lich King" is pronounced "Lick King," as I keep hearing it pronounced on my server.

4. However, it might be because the word looks somewhat Germanic, and I will be unable to keep a straight face for the duration of the next expansion.

5. To the point of losing it completely if I hear "World of Warcraft: WRAAAAAAATH OF THE LICK KING" intoned by the Deep-Voiced Serious Trailer Guy.

6. How male human characters run. There's a lot of great animation in the game. This is not one of them.

7. Practically every main-tank of every Hordeside raiding guild is a male Tauren.

8. An egotistical male Tauren. Look, Spanky, just because Bulwark of Azzinoth is bigger on you than anybody else does not mean that the same is true of appendages elsewhere.

9. Almost nobody plays female Dwarves, female Tauren, female Orcs, or female Trolls. Out of idle curiosity, how do these races reproduce?

10. On that note, why does nobody roll female Undead Warriors? Their special attack animation is insane. "They look like flippy psychotic fleas from Hell," as one of my guildies observed (go roll one and Heroic Strike something if you don't believe me).

11. The distance and time spent corpse-running in vanilla WoW, back when the notion of an MMORPG being a time sink was more widely accepted. Try being a Hordie who dies in the northern Barrens or an Ally who dies in western Elwynn and you'll see what I mean.

12. How easy some classes have it while leveling. Hunters? Please. Warlocks? Christ. F$^&*#@g pet classes.

13. Swearing under my breath whenever I die on my hunter and warlock.

14. Feral-specced: guilted into tanking everything for everybody.

15. Resto specced: guilted into healing everything for everybody.

16. Balance-specced: feeling guilty that I'm not tanking or healing.

17. Being a Flame tank on Illidan. I hate this job. Flame-tanking: a raid mechanic brought to you by Blizzard's Department of Sadistic Bastards. I suspect these people are also responsible for the entire design and implementation of Shattered Halls, the "I Was A Lot of Things..." quest in Shadowmoon Valley, and the Aldor Rise elevator.

18. People who have never rolled anything other than a DPS class telling me how to tank or heal. You see that guy over there? Yeah, that guy -- the one playing your class with your spec but with half your gear, thrashing you on the meters. There's one in every raid. Ask him how he does his job and stop pestering me about mine.

19. People who have never rolled anything other than a DPS class complaining about the tank and healer shortage.

20. People who have rolled a tanking or healing class, keep their toons specced for DPS, and then complain about the tank and healer shortage. Sorry, buddy, but if you have a shadow Priest, a retribution Paladin, and a fury Warrior, have never healed or tanked, and have no intention of doing either, then don't fill my chat log with whining over how I'm not at your beck and call 24/7.

21. Spending a reagent to battle-rez someone who then dies again with ten seconds. Well, there's half a gold and a 20-minute cooldown well spent.

22. People who AFK in battlegrounds. There's a little something called the "tragedy of the commons," dude. Might want to rethink your potential honor-per-hour gain when you're directly contributing to your own side's failure.

23. People who crater on Archimonde, screw up their constructs on Gorefiend, move during Flame Wreath on Aran, don't understand "Run to the wall!" on Netherspite or Leotheras, run straight into volcanoes on Supremus, don't realize they have Parasite on Illidan, die to Spout on Lurker, and haven't figured out why pulling aggro on Hydross is a bad, bad thing.

24. Actually, scratch that. We've all done this crap at least once. I'll reserve my irritation for the people who continue to do it.....5 months into farming the fights.

25. Moonkin. Not because I don't like the spec (I do) or I haven't played it (leveled 40-69 as balance), but these people are ALWAYS somehow the first to break the unwritten Druid Truce in battlegrounds. To add to the agony, a goodly percentage of them really do just spam Moonfire.

26. That infuriating talent in the Affliction tree that gives Fear a >20 yard range.

27. Desperately trying to root people inside bases in Warsong Gulch and realizing, yeah, I'm just gonna die.

28. Zoning into 8 straight Arathi Basin matches with Horde starting anywhere from 4 to a whopping 10 people down compared to Alliance. We few, we few, we happy few, we band of buggered.