Niro breaks through bars, shows off Spherical Surround system

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.07.08

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Niro breaks through bars, shows off Spherical Surround system
Niro Spherical Sound System
It looks like Niro is trying out new design ideas from its "1.1" soundbar+sub products, as evidenced by the its new Spherical Surround system. There are three speaker cabinets, covering the large-medium-small spectrum: a subwoofer module (200-mm driver with 50-Watts), a bass module (three 90-mm drivers, each with 30-Watts of amplification) and a so-called "top speaker" (two 60-mm drivers, each powered by 30-Watts). Thankfully, the pictures give us some idea of how this is all supposed to get set up: the subwoofer goes off to the side of the display and the other two boxes are aligned with the display -- bass module below and "top speaker" above. If faced with the prospect of this "2.1" system, we'd personally opt to cram one additional speaker cabinet into the room and go with a 3.1 L/C/R/sub setup (and use a more conventional 2-channel virtual surround scheme), but that's just us. If this Niro setup gets your fires stoked, you'll be able to handle Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS and AAC formats with the processing module for only €600.

[Via Cybertheater]
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