Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball honors Chuck Norris

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Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball honors Chuck Norris
It goes without saying, really. We all honor Chuck Norris in our own way, seeing as not honoring him is rewarded with a quick and painful death. Still, the developers of Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball have seen fit to include a Chuck Norris based achievement in the upcoming XBLA title. Entitled "Chuck Rules!" the achievement is unlocked by beating the Ninjas Story Mode. Frankly, we're a little puzzled as to why the achievement is named after Norris, as he himself is not a ninja, though we expect he has killed his fair share of ninjas. That said, we've learned not to question Chuck Norris -- or the things related to him -- so we'll just leave it at that. Hit the source link for the full list of Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball achievements.

[Via XBLArcade]
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