PS3 2.40 bricking caused by 'certain' system admin data

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PS3 2.40 bricking caused by 'certain' system admin data
The good news is, well, you've seen the good news. The bad news is, if you can't see the good news ... there is no good news. Speaking through semi-official community site Three Speech, SCEE has released a statement reiterating that PlayStation 3 update 2.41 (the good news) has been released, fixing the bricking issue associated with update 2.40. The statement attributes affected 2.40 users' inability to load the console's XMB to "certain system administrative data ... contained on the HDD." Spooky.

Unfortunately, if you're the proud parent of one of a "limited number" of bricked PS3s, you're stuck with your brick, a fix, and no way to wed the two. SCEE recommends contacting Customer Service (presumably for a new or repaired unit) -- or you can wipe your PS3 hard drive on your own (losing all data in the process) and try reinstalling. This is, if you haven't guessed already, the bad news.
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