AOC's 22-inch 2230Fm HD3 display includes integrated media player

AOC's 2230Fh LCD was fine and dandy, but if you're looking for something similar to pull triple duty as a media player and digital photo frame (its words, not ours), you'll need to refocus on the 2230Fm. Said display is apparently the first from the firm to boast HD3 technology, which alludes to its abilities to function as more than just an HDTV. The unit includes a proprietary menu and remote to play back clips loaded onto memory cards (there's a 4-in-1 reader), not to mention a 1,680 x 1,050 native resolution, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, USB 2.0 socket, DVI / HDMI inputs, integrated speakers, 2-millisecond response time and a piano black finish. All that for $399.99. Full release posted after the jump.

AOC Introduces HD3 Technology with the Launch of their 2230Fm Display; a New Breed of Multi-functional High-definition Display Technology

A 22" HD Monitor, HD TV, Digital Picture Frame and Multi-media Player with NO PC REQUIRED

Fremont, CA., July 10, 2008 – AOC has launched HD3 Display technology with their 2230Fm; a multi-functional high definition platform that provides powerful performance and the ultimate in digital flexibility. The 2230Fm is a true HD monitor, HD TV, digital picture frame and Multi-media player all rolled into a light, sleek 22" frame.
HD3 defines a new category in high definition displays with its built-in media player, allowing consumers, for the first time, to view movies without the use of an external DVD player or PC. With the 2230Fm, simply load a film onto a memory device, plug it into the display and use AOC's proprietary, user-friendly menu and remote control to enjoy a movie PC-free. AOC's first HD3 Display is the 2230Fm, a combination of multi-functional high-definition video capabilities and stylish, 360˚ design that provides a stunning array of features all developed to cater to the digital needs of today's consumers.

"While consumers are using cell phones for MP3 players, internet browsers, TVs, navigation devices, and phones, AOC determined that consumers deserved a display that would act as more than just an HD monitor or TV, so we developed HD3," said Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC. "We're very excited to be the first to bring HD3 technology to the market with the 2230Fm. AOC has taken over 40 years of display manufacturing experience to create this new way for consumers to enjoy a wide array of video options with a built in media player, and top-level performance regardless of whether it's being used as an HD TV, monitor or Digital picture frame," added Velez.

The 2230Fm boasts an astounding 20,000 to 1 contrast ratio, 2ms. ultra-fast response time for extreme gamers and is compatible with a 4-in-1 memory card reader and USB 2.0 port all supporting jpg, bmp, png, gif, and tiff files.

Product Specification Highlights:
• Digital Media Player
• Digital Photo Frame
• 720p through 1080p HD Compatible
• USB 2.0 HUB
• 4-in-1 memory card reader
• Digital Input DVI-D & HDMI with HDCP
• Low profile integrated speakers
• Contrast Ratio 20,000:1 (dynamic)
• Glare screen – provides higher color saturation
• Plug & Play DDC/2B, DDC/CI
• 2ms ultra fast response time
• PC/Windows, Mac® Equipped With Analog VGA D-sub or DVI Port
• Easy-to-use navigation
• 360-degree glossy piano-black finish
• Designer back cover

"This is a shift from categorizing displays as TVs, monitors or picture frames as our technology has allowed for the marriage of all three into the ultimate high-definition display. HD3 technology is the next logical step in today's digital market," said Velez.

This model is also designed with businesses in mind as the latest in POS display technology. The HD3 display can play videos on a constant loop with no PC or degradation to video and audio quality over time, just plug in the memory device with the proper information and its set.

The 2230Fm HD3 Display brings a wide variety of high performance features to the market with an MSRP of $399.99.

About AOC
AOC is a leader of HD display technology for Monitors and TVs backed by over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience. AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays on the market with every aspect of AOC's business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers' digital lifestyle.

AOC displays are manufactured by TPV, one of the largest display manufacturers in the world. TPV manufactures one out of every four displays globally, including OEM's for some of the largest and most innovative name brands. This extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience translates into AOC staying ahead of the curve with the ever-changing technologies in today's digital world.
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