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Sony, Double Fusion sign in-game ad deal

Jason Dobson
Jason Dobson|July 10, 2008 7:00 PM

Clearly Sony has warmed up to the idea of garnishing gameplay with advertising, as the company has inked a new deal with in-game ad firm Double Fusion to deliver ads in games running on the PS3. The deal is Sony's second in as many months, following a similar partnership last month with competing ad firm IGA Worldwide.

As mentioned previously, the move, while contrary to comments made by Sony's own CEO Howard Stringer, keeps with the PS3's recently opened advertising platform, which allows company like Double Fusion to sink their advertising teeth into Sony's console. Notes SCEA senior VP Phil Rosenberg, "PS3 is open for the ad business," though we imagine that by "PS3" he really meant to say "our wallet."