First Look: Evernote for iPhone

Evernote for iPhone (iTunes link) looks to fill one of the big remaining holes on the iPhone: virtual notes syncing. Basically, the iPhone app is a stripped down version of the Evernote client which allows you to create and access notes which are stored in the Evernote cloud. Once created these notes can be accessed on the web or through any Evernote client application (they're available for Mac OS X, Windows and Windows Mobile).

If you're running the Evernote client for Mac OS X you can easily create notes accessible on your iPhone. Technically, this isn't syncing since the notes are not really stored on the iPhone itself; a network connection is required to access the notes. It's rather unfortunate that there isn't any kind of caching on the iPhone, because this means you lose access to all your notes if, for instance, you go on a plane.

The Evernote application allows you to create several different kinds of "notes." Naturally you can create text notes. However, you can also create "Audio Notes" recording a short audio message to yourself, or either of two kinds of photo notes: from a previous taken snapshot, or one newly generated from within the application itself. You can then select which notebook you want it added to, as well as add tags and text. Once saved it goes into the pending category and is shortly uploaded to the cloud. Unfortunately, once created you can only access (and delete) notes from the iPhone; you cannot edit them.

There are a few rough edges on the app. Sometimes the syncing does seem to work quite right. Text notes created on the iPhone default to a ridiculously tiny font. And you cannot edit notes. Nonetheless, it's a handy addition to the iPhone toolkit and finally provides a reasonably good work-around for the missing notes syncing. Check out the gallery below.