5th Ave. iPhone Who Farm campers leave store lacking iPhones, dignity

Heavily featured in the news leading up to the iPhone 3G launch, the Who Farm campers -- who hunkered down a full week early at the Fifth Avenue Apple store in Manhattan to promote organic farming or something silly like that -- seem to have fallen off the face of the earth after the Cube's doors were opened. None of the five hippies were seen emerging from the store with iPhones, and their leader's little apple-dropping "accident" (video is after the break) might have something to do with it. He was later seen being taken into the store with a police escort, according to David Jr., but wasn't seen from again. We're not trying to imply that these five organic farming nuts are currently tied up in a dark store room miles below the Fifth Ave. store, awaiting Steve Jobs' wrath, but we would like to know what happened to them, and if they ever got iPhones, so if you have any idea please let us know.