ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 gets previewed

AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4870 has been a bit of a mystery since word of the card first leaked out alongside the slightly lower-end Radeon HD 4850, but it looks like things are finally clearing up, with AMD itself first getting official about the card and the first hands-on previews of the card now turning up. As [H] Enthusiast reports, it looks like this one was well worth the wait, with it saying that its gameplay experiences with the card were "phenomenal." That includes being able to play Crysis at 1920x1200 with all in-game settings cranked to "high" -- a recipe for disaster on most cards, but apparently more than playable on the 4870 X2 (with some other suitably high end hardware to match, of course). What's more, the site says the card's performance could get even better by the time it's officially released, as its test card was using a beta firmware that still leaves some room for improvement. Until then, you can hit up the link below for all the current numbers.