Real-time strategy -- you know, for kids

Candace Savino
C. Savino|07.15.08

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We're often critical of some of the children's games released on the Wii (one reason being, perhaps, that we're not the target market, but mostly because just how many pet sims do we really need for one console?). Crave seems to be taking a different route this time, though -- one that we can actually respect -- by coming out with Defendin' De Penguin, a real-time strategy game for kids. You can see this idea realized in the trailer above.

In the title, you are trying to protect a penguin village from wolves and other vicious animals who keep eating the town's fish supply. The focus on cute penguins and (we assume) the difficulty are what makes this game "kiddie," but we still like the idea of a niche genre being developed for children. Considering that vein of thought, what other uncommon genres do you think should be made into kids game? Of course, we might like to see a few more RTS games geared toward us on the Wii, too, if that's not too much to ask.

As for Defendin' De Penguin, it releases later this month for both the Wii and DS.
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