Sony VAIO hands-on extravaganza

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Paul Miller
July 15th, 2008
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Sony VAIO hands-on extravaganza

Sony really bumped out a whole lot of laptop today, but we got a chance to handle each and every one, and came away impressed -- perhaps not blown away, but Sony certainly doesn't seem to be planning on letting the likes of Lenovo run away with the PC laptop design crown. None of the laptops felt astounding light, but they did all feel rather solid to handle, as if crafted out of a single element, instead of cobbled together -- particularly the magnesium alloy-built BZ. We'll have to get some more time with the keyboard to get a real read on them, but we like the shape of the keys and the depth of the action. Something that sort of flew under the radar in Sony's announcement is a new sort of OS X-esque dock at the bottom of the screen, with a row of icons that can be clicked on, or activated by a row of hard buttons above the SR's keyboard. The worst thing we can say about the whole lineup is how particularly chunky the Z looks in profile, despite its 1-inch thickness, but that's just because we've been spoiled by the likes of Lenovo, Apple and Voodoo, and all those ultralights aren't packing near what the Z is. Oh, and let it be known: the glowing power button thing is pretty sexy.
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