All about alchemy in the beta

Eliah Hecht
E. Hecht|07.18.08

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All about alchemy in the beta

Seeing as how Alchemy is not yet officially implemented in the Wrath beta, we don't know all of what's in store for the masters of elixirs, flasks, potions, and transmutation. However, we can get some idea, given that the spells themselves seem to be in the game files, so we know the names of some alchemy spells and products, if not their actual effects (though some recipes are easy enough to guess).

That's it for new flasks so far, though I wouldn't be surprised if more were to come. Endless Rage looks pretty easy to guess at what it does, but I don't have much of a clue on the other three. Any ideas? The mats for them follow the same pattern as the mats for old-world and BC flasks: seven of one herb, three of another, one of a third, and a vial.

There are also lots of potions, including the expected healing and mana ("Runic" is the new "Super") as well as elemental protection potions. But there are also a few with odd names that make me very curious:

Not much in the way of interesting elixirs has come to light yet. We do have a set of fairly obvious ones:

So that'll be nice, I guess. If Spirit is guardian and Spellpower is battle, that will probably be my combo of choice on my priest for both healing and DPS. The one elixir I can find that doesn't say what it does on the tin is Guru's Elixir, which sounds...possibly interesting?

Alchemists will also, at long last, be able to create Pygmy Oil. Seriously, what the heck is that? Maybe it makes you small.

Finally, we now know what the elemental transmutations will be like for Eternal elements, which will take the place of Primals. First of all, there is no mention anywhere of an Eternal Mana; it might just not be implemented yet, or it might not be an element in Wrath. We do have Eternal Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Life, Shadow, and Might. For reference, the current transmutations (in BC) look like this:

By contrast, the transmutations in Wrath look to be as follows (all on a 20-hour cooldown, like in BC):

That's a big difference. Everything forms a nice, neat circle, and all transmutes are two-way. This means that, although cooldowns will be an issue, the prices of the various Eternals should be roughly on par with each other, since they'll all be convertible into each other with significantly less trouble than is the case now.

Overall, Alchemy seems to have some decent stuff in store for it, and I assume we will see more (like new stones) as the beta progresses.

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